Keep Both Eyes on the other hand, you can report facts that could imply infractions in the labor field, Social Security, employment… Not only can workers and their representatives initiate the complaint process, but it can also be initiate by all persons who have knowlege of the summarize infractions. In other words, not only workers have this possibility, but also employers and, even, ex officio, the Labor Inspectorate itself. In fact, it also deals with claims or complaints that citizens may articulate, at a private level, both in writing and verbally.

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Therefore, the essential function of the Labor Inspectorate is that of social police . An administrative police that ensures compliance with Labor Law regulations. For this reason, labor inspectors are suppose to be accessible, since they Azerbaijan Mobile Database have to deal with different sensitivities. A rigorous advisory function Apart from the aforementione function of social police, it corresponds to the labor inspectors to carry out the function of providing technical assistance , base on the rigorous collection of data and their knowlege to advise.

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This function is embodie in the surveillance tasks that labor inspectors are periodically in charge of. They try, through them, to guarantee compliance with the rules of the social order in the workplace. They also control the occurrence of WS Phone List occupational hazards, base on article 9 of the Occupational Hazard Prevention Law . Therefore, in order to comply with these surveillance functions, visits to the work centers must take place. Through these visits, data is collecte and situations are verifie.


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