In the beer sector, also the arrival of Heineken in the Mexican market through the acquisition of Cuauhtémoc Moctezumain 2010 cause the premium segment, which represente 4 of beer consumption, to increase to more than 10 in 2014. And Bodegas Torres continues to bet on its brandy brands with new launches to attract premium customers in Mexico, despite a 3 percent drop in sales volume in 2013.

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The benefits for both companies and the market of these mass premium strategies are evident . It is also a game open to Bangladesh Mobile Database all industries, sectors and categories; from financial services to large consumption, through transport and distribution or any other. The approach works in expansive economic environments.

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It is also done correctly in phases of economic contraction. The challenge is great, without a doubt, but it reveals the way to get out WS Phone List of a demand crisis, taking advantage of the creibility that brands maintain in the market, increasing the quality of products and services, innovating in some benefits and attributes, betting on them and communicating them passionately.


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