Keep Both Eyes tasks of the labor inspector are usually analyze, in Spain, from a prejudice and reuctionist prism. In numerous workplaces, a stigmatize image of the Labor Inspectorate tends to be propagate, full of unfounde fears. However, the actions of labor inspectors refute these negatively critical views, since their participation is key to improving the quality of labor relations and guaranteeing certain rights in the workplace. For example, those involve in the investigation of accidents at work and the compensation to which they may give rise.

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What is the Labor Inspection Beyond the generalize impressions, the Labor Inspectorate is an instrument place at the service of all those who have a relationship with a workplace. Therefore, it must be interprete as help that can Austria Mobile Database and since they can interpret that denouncing their own company can lead to negative consequences in their relationship with this company,which is why, should be use and not as a threat. In the first place, it is convenient to know Keep Both Eyes how the Labor Inspection is legally frame. The Labor and Social Security Inspectorate is a public service dependent on the Undersecretary of Labor and Immigration.

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Its operation is governe by Law 42 1997, of November 14, on the Organization of the Labor and Social Security Inspection ; and by Royal Decree 138 2000, of February 4 , which approves the Regulations for the Organization and Operation WS Phone List of the Labor Inspectorate and Social Security. This body is competent Keep Both Eyes in matters of Occupational Health and Safety and workers and their representatives can turn to it when they think that the measures adopte by the company are not sufficient to guarantee health and safety at work.


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