offering products or services that are attach to promotions or joining in the fun to win various prizes If there is a like, press share or comment or even press to follow our page Take advantage of new trends Keeping up with trends is one of the qualities of a marketer. industry news and creating content that is appropriate and link to our business. And sharing it will make readers have a positive attitude with our content. put some fun into it Even though our business is serious. But when it comes to creating contentt.

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You should relax a bit by using friendly words, being friends, finding pictures or stories that create fun without stress. Let’s time. Use Video Iran Mobile Database Content Video has quickly become a popular content format in the online world. There are many research results both domestically and internationally that Content in the form of video can generate over % of the traffic on the Internet and can also create a viral effect, so using video content as one of the strategies Content It’s really interesting.Persona is a fictional or ideal character.

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That we creat from the brand’s research. To identify the types of users who are likely to use our products or services. By creating WS Phone List a persona, we understand the user’s experience, nes, behaviors and goals. Creating a character can help you realize that nes and expectations, and Persona can help us achieve our goal of creating a great user experience. For our target group of users. Let’s look at a simple template to find a persona. Persona Template Persona search includes age range information. This will allow us to know what generation that person is in, what career information that person has.

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