With Drupal, you can integrate work management systems such as Jira, Rmine, Asana, Trello and many more, both free and paid . It also allows you to integrate social mia, working time monitoring tools, but also to create your own solutions of this type. The Workflow module allows you to design workflows, and the Calendar module allows you to create a calendar for marking events by users.

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Privacy and security The best intranet software must be safe for your employees. Both in the case of a personaliz tool and a commercial Tongliao Mobile Database one, remember to implement good security practices . The protection of users’ personal data and project information should be given top priority. In the case of SaaS solutions, it is rare for suppliers to explain in detail how they repel potential attacks by cybercriminals. Drupal developers place great emphasis on security.

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Which is why this technology is recommend for projects that require advanc security. This CMS is equipp with a bug reporting system WS Phone List that is able to catch any vulnerability or security breach and then inform the appropriate team about it. Regular software updates and installing the latest versions of modules allow for good security of the Drupal intranet and its users. Choosing the best intranet platform summary There are many interesting intranet platforms that you can use on a subscription basis.

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