Now, fac with a series of situations we are afraid of the future, of the change in attitude, in short, of everything that happens around us or of what man wants and desires to create. However, we must conceive fear as a generator of change in a learning cycle, as an opportunity to avoid a crisis and experience it tragically . Ergo would counteract guilt, condemnation, psychosis and everything between modern societies. The Italian philosopher and essayist, Bodei (1995), states that: “opposing fear means, in political, religious and philosophical terms, rejecting absolutism and reason of State, repudiating the biblical precept and virtually abolishing the Pascalian distinction between fear bad and good fear.

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 Neither the State nor faith, much less philosophy and wisdom, should rely on fear.” In addition to these statements, Chomsky (1996) warns us that: “the fate of many people depends on business database our willingness and ability to recognize and stop these types of horrifying actions.” Finally, it has become evident that the culture of fear has capriciously manipulat world societies, generating vertical changes to its own interests. On the other hand, this culture of apprehension, of anxiety, has been reveal in adverse situations; However, it should be consider as an opportunity for humanity to avoid being victimiz by bending forces.

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Fac with this reality, the following questions can be ask: until when will humanity allow itself to be influenc by fear? What can we do from our platform to avoid sowing this culture and satisfy the interests of the State? What would be the future WS Phone List of our society? offspring if we do not overcome fear?One of the strategies that organizations are using to retain internal customers is endomarketing. The good sign of this strategy is that our collaborators will work free of pressure knowing that their skills and abilities are being manag by a leader, who in these times is clearly different from a boss.

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