The analogy is the same as building every aspect and element on your website from scratch. Of course, this approach is time-consuming and sounds far-fetched, right? Things are different when you already have a blueprint of the house you want to build. You then purchase bricks, ironwork, etc. at the nearest construction store according to the specifications specified on the blueprints. With this approach, the process of building a home will be more efficient and less error-prone. The analogy is the same as using a framework to build a website. Therefore, a JavaScript framework can be explained . As a collection of JavaScript libraries that are available and only needed by developers to help develop their websites.

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number of users. (Proof via screenshot attached when submitting footage) Gift The best 50 AR shots will each be awarded 2,500 decoding points. Points earned can be used to study at the Decoding Academy or redeem prizes in Decoding Rewards. Are you ready to be part of the world’s largest AR creators? Join the challenge now to make your best Ramadan themed lenses and ws number list win prizes! Details about this challenge can be viewed at: Don’t forget to follow the challenge for the latest information. greeting, Indonesia DecodedRise: Conquest missions in the game Indonesia has the highest mobile gaming revenue in Southeast Asia, reaching US$1.3 billion (or IDR 18 trillion) in 2020. (Statista, 2020) Bintang Fathur Rahman (22) also saw a bright future in the gaming world after joining a major Indonesian game .

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Bintang’s passion for gaming existed long before Indonesia achieved this gaming revenue achievement. Bintang’s dream of one day becoming a game programmer dates back to the days when his school uniforms were white and blue. A shining star in the gaming world Google Rise Academy Bintang’s love for games has been present since childhood, but his dream of becoming a game  WS Phone List programmer only started in junior high school. Realizing that the game’s systems and procedures would be difficult for him to learn as a teenager, Bintang chose to take a break until high school. When his white and gray period began, Bintang’s dream came to life again.

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