Academy expands e-learning services.  important for the further ucation industry. important. The German Marketing Academy and its sister companies have also expand their e-learning services in recent months. e-learning services e-learning is an integral part of the learning portfolio. says the professor. Michael Berneck. Managing Director of the German Marketing Institute. In recent years. we have also implement various e-learning projects with our clients. This has l to differentiation in our service portfolio. Together.

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With the two affiliat companies a strong implementation potential haslearning services for end customers. E-learning content in marketing has Ecuador Mobile Database won two projects since the beginning of the year to create content modules for universities. In these projects. we were able to combine our marketing expertise with our conceptual expertise. Berneck said. The orders include the ideation and content creation of purely e-learning modules that deliver crits in nationally recogniz courses. In this environment. it is increasingly becoming a content provider for continuing ucation in science. Online campus with new platform.

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The online campus of the German relaunch and WS Phone List adapt to the new network conditions. The revision of the e-learning platform that the German Marketing Academy has been operating since was necessary and successful. The new platform offers greater interactivity and mobile applications. About . users use the platform to use products in the field of blend learning as well as in the field of pure e-learning. About courses and solutions are currently available. Head to the online campus! E-Learning Kit To further optimize the benefit of customers. the concept of e-Learning Kit was develop. As part of these e-learning kits. clients are provid with a range of

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