Responsive design aims to build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen. Size and orientation and change the layout accordingly regardless of the device they’re using. The practice of creating a responsive website consists of a mix of flexible grids. Layouts, images and the intelligent use of CSS media queries. Responsive design renders your site professional-looking on all devices. It also makes it unnecessary to maintain different versions of your website for mobile and desktop and saves you time, resources and effort. Whether using a smartphone, tablet or computer, the user expects your site to look and perform smoothly without giving it a second thought.

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Clear, Easy-to-Read, Relevant Content When it comes to learning about your company, there are four things people want to know: Who you are What you offer How your products or services solve problems or pain points How you compare to the competition India Business Email List These are the items they search for first on every main page of your site. Therefore, your content marketing strategy and brand message must be clear, concise and to the point. Keep your content as focused and targeted as possible. Also, group the content into small paragraphs and blocks. Add tables, titles and bullet points when possible.

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A Clean Layout Your website will look like either one big firework that captures and maintains the reader’s attention or a big cluster of fireworks that overstimulate the reader and make them feel overwhelmed. Your goal should be to create WS Phone List one big firework. You achieve this by designing a layout that is clean, not cluttered. A clean web design allows the reader to focus on the elements of your site that matter while weeding out the distractions. Here are some tips for a less is more approach to web page design. Focus on the primary purpose of the page. Make sure everything on the page has a practical purpose.

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