What is ROI and how to calculate it in the Marketing strategies carried out for my business ? If there is an elusive and quite complex aspect to deal with within the digital sector, this is the return on investment of our campaigns . ROI is not always easy to measure and its calculation can often be a real headache. But, thanks to it, we can know first-hand the real profitability of any type of investment. In the case of having a digital or local business and considering going more seriously, surely one of the aspects to take into account is this index.

Why is it so important to know what our ROI is?

ROI (Return On Investment) is a formula that helps us calculate the profitability or value we generate top people data through our marketing actions . In simpler terms, what it does is tell us how much investment our sale has cost us. The idea is simple, right? With this formula we can know if our marketing actions and activities are correct. And until we know if our sales are profitable. Now, do we usually calculate our return on marketing investment? Surely the answer on many occasions is no. As I said at the beginning, perhaps a good part of the blame for this is due to the difficulties of measuring the impact of the actions that make up our Digital Marketing Plan or, simply, because we do not give it the importance it deserves.

How to calculate the ROI of your marketing actions?

So, now that we know what “Return On Investment” is, and thinking of providing more information about the calculation WS Phone List of ROI in marketing, in this new guest post, I have the pleasure of having the collaboration of my friend Carlo Farucci. Therefore, grab a calculator, plus paper and pencil, to start measuring your return on investment, thanks to this great guide that Carlo has prepared for us. Why is it so important to know what our ROI is? When we make a decision we cannot do it lightly. If, in addition, that decision has to do with a marketing strategy, even less so. It is advisable to do it based on data, and that is why today we will talk about how to calculate ROI .

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