May Be Going can sink a company. However, good crisis management can strengthen the image of a company. Here are some examples of good and bad practices . Example of good crisis management: LEGO . In July 2014, Greenpeace poste a shocking video on YouTube accusing the toy company of collaborating with Shell in the destruction of the Arctic. Share on various social channels, the video went viral. LEGO responde to the attack with a statement from its CEO on its website, where it explaine the nature of its collaboration.

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Shell selling toys at gas stations and regretting that its brand was use in clashes between organizations. The closeness and spee Namibia Mobile Database of his response prevente a crisis that could have escalate. Example of bad crisis management: Garnier. Last summer, the brand, belonging to L’Oréal, sent Israeli soldiers a batch of beauty products. Serious mistake of positioning yourself in the middle of a conflict in which a brand should not be. An NGO denounce this malpractice and hashtags such as BoycottGarnier soon went viral on Twitter.

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The company opte for silence. Online reputation is a matter that must be taken care of on a daily basis and, especially, when a brand is immerse WS Phone List in a complicate situation. To get out of the situation, and even strengthen their image, companies must act responsibly, accepting the mistakes made and maintaining fluid communication with their audiences.The reform of the Criminal Code implies that Organic Law 1 2015, of March 30 , modifies the previous Criminal Code in force, approve by Organic Law 10 1995, of November 23 . Said reform will enter into force as of July 1, 2015. It was publishe in the Official State Gazette BOE on March 31, 2015 and, in principle.


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