Social debate, has not so far meant a recovery of the previous, higher limits of the benefits grante by FOGASA. In this sense, it must be adde that. A the successive labor reforms implemente by the PSOE and PP governments have le to an increase in the delay of the entity in question when it comes to resolving. This delay problem is best understood through the use of numbers.

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As of December 31, 2013, there were some 221,384 unresolve files by FOGASA. According to data provide by Europa Press, during the following year, there was a streamlining of proceures, so that the cases pending Singapore Mobile Database processing had droppe to the figure of 57,590. The average time elapse. A until receiving the express resolution was, in 2013, 201 days; while, in 2014, it had droppe to 91 days. As will be seen in the following paragraph.

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From comfortably exceeing the key term of three months, they had come to oscillate around the term stipulate by law. It is also necessary to comment that some provinces, due to the special problems they experience. A in their administrative WS Phone List and judicial structures, How many projects do you know in your companies. A that have die without any success due to not having continue support from senior managers This cost system implies that workers will be aske.


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