So these are musthaves on your fullstack list. When it comes to the backend part, there is more room to show off. There are many programming languages ​​that are great for building websites. The most popular solution in this area is PHP, which, according to W3Techs, supports as much as 78.9% of websites on the Internet. An interesting option in this case is also Node.js, which allows you to work on the backend in JavaScript.

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Of course, with each of these technologies, it is also important to know the frameworks and libraries that can significantly improve the implementation of tasks. In addition to all this, you will also ne the ability to work with databases. Familiarity Colombia Mobile Database with version control systems or the ability to write automat tests is also welcome to test your solutions faster and find potential errors. Frameworks for fullstack developer It is worth making sure that your developer’s technological stack is not only bas on programming languages, but also on frameworks and libraries prepar for them.

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Below are some of them that we consider worthy of attention. React is an open source JavaScript library creat by Facebook. This is undoubtly one of the most popular solutions when it comes to frontend. React allows you to create interactive WS Phone List user interfaces that react to changes in the state of the application and refresh dynamically without reloading the page. It works by writing declarative code, which basically means that instead of writing linebyline code that describes how something should happen, we enter what we want to happen. Everything else is taken care of by React itself. Tailwind CSS is the most popular utility framework.

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