Including how is the mia exposure channel? and the form of digital content effectively. And can also know the proximity to buy products We call this process Content Mapping. Awareness Stage Blog posts Blogs can generate traffic through your website. And even if there is SEO in parallel, it will make our blog more known and reach more target groups. Building blocks is a form of digital. Content that can create cribility in companies should give priority to Infographics A combination of content and graphics in various formats to make our content interesting, readable, engaging and one of the most shar formats.

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Create opportunities for our brand to be Hungary Mobile Database known on social mia. Short videos Making short videos introducing products or services. That combines a uniquely beautiful layout and iting through the YouTube channel, it is one of the content formats that are shar more and more in the online world. stage of consideration (Consideration Stage) E-books can generate more visitors. That is different from making blogs, infographics or videos that allow interest people to register to download content in that E-books.

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Research reports We have compil research WS Phone List findings that are useful for customers’ purchasing decisions. It will make customers believe more about our brand. Webinars , or conducting seminars, conferences or presentations via the website, are becoming more and more common forms. The main feature of a live webinar is its interactivity or ability to talk. and transmit data in real time Decision Stage Case studies or success stories Various case studies publish on the website It is something that many industries, especially B B businesses, use to create a very effective product or service decision-making process.

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