Familiar with the concept of open source codevelopment? Mentors will be available throughout the event to guide you through the contrib processes and tools. Volunteers will also help you choose the first tasks to perform, taking into account your level of advancement. Photo of the participants of Drupal Developer Days in 2022 an event that took place in Ghent Photo of the participants of the Drupal Developer Days in Ghent in 202 Source.

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Facebook . As a gold sponsor of Drupal Developer Days in Vienna, we are already preparing for this event. That’s why we Saudi Arabia Mobile Database analyz his agenda and select some interesting sessions for you (but of course the rest of them sound very interesting too). Open Web and community In addition to the abovemention activities, over 60 sessions are plann in the Drupal Dev Days schule.

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These will not only apply to Drupal, but also to the. Open Web in general and the communities that are an important. part of this concept. In An WS Phone List introvert’s guide to open source communities , Aastha Shrivastava will reveal how a shy person can find their way in a group of open source contributors. The speaker will show it on her example of joining the Drupal community, mentoring and learning from others.

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