We will take a closer look at some of the presentations of specialists from different parts of the world. Technology: artificial intelligence and open source AI is definitely a hot topic in the tech industry. AI-bas tools support various activities, including code development. During the AI-power Code Development: The role of prompt engineering session , Piotr Kamieniecki will introduce us to the issue of AI-power code development, present best practices and show how to use AI tools to refactor code.

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Another influence on technology that we may experience especially as Drupal or PHP professionals comes from open source. In OpenĀ  Source Impact: From Innovation to Positive Change , Jeffrey A. McGuire will look back at the Germany Mobile Database opportunities and changes that open source technologies have brought over the last 24 years. The speaker will also advise on how to apply open source thinking in everyday life and society. Drupal Development: Caching and Protect Content.

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The main theme of the conference – Drupal – will be discuss in many different ways – from best practices, to career WS Phone List advice, to the useĀ  of modules. In this last topic, we will explore the Protect Content module that we can use to integrate OpenPGPjs into our Drupal installation. During the session dicat to this topic , Rodrigo Panchiniak Fernandes will present the capabilities of this module, such as asymmetric key generation and client-side encryption and decryption.

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