The Use of Radio Frequency Identification Tags ( Rfid) in Products in the Supply Chain. Since Then, This Term, Iot, Would Begin to Grow. However, for Purists, the True Origin of This Technology Would Come From a University Student at Carnegie Mellon University, in the S, and a Coca-cola Machine. Because David Nichols Was a True Lover of This Drink, but the Dispensing Machine Was Far From His Office, So, in Order Not to Miss His Trip, He Decid to Connect This Machine to Arpanet, the Precursor Network of the Internet, to Know in Advance if There Were Drinks Available.

This is How the First Iot Device

Was Born What is Iot or Internet of Things. Definition Internet of Things (Iot) is a Term That Refers to the Network of Physical Devices Connect to Each Other and to the Internet, Which Can Automatically Collect and Share Data. These Devices Can Turkey Telegram Number Data Be Any Everyday Object Equipp With Sensors, Software and Connectivity, Allowing Them to Interact and Communicate With Each Other to Perform Specific Tasks Without Direct Human Intervention. The Iot Facilitates Process Automation, Remote Monitoring, Resource Optimization and the Creation of Intelligent Systems That Improve Efficiency and Comfort in Various Areas, Such as Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Health, Agriculture, Industry, Among Others.

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With Small Variations There

Are Several Definitions of Iot, Such as for Gartner , the Internet of Things (Iot) is theĀ  That Contain Embd Technology That Can Germany Telegram Number Communicate, Perceive or Interact With Other Systems, Whether Internal or External. According to Mckinsey , the Internet of Things (Iot) Describes Physical Objects Equipp With Sensors and Actuators That Communicate With Computer Systems Over Wir or Wireless Networks, Allowing the Physical World to Be Monitor or Even Controll. For Deloitte , It is the Grouping and Interconnection of Devices and Objects Through a Network (Either Private or the Internet), in Which They Can Be Visible and Interact.

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