No matter how much Stage Nes for love and belonging (LoveBelonging) All human beings want to be lov. and is accept among friends, family, lovers, colleagues, people in society, various activity groups At this stage, there is an emotional relationship that affects human behavior. because the basics of human beings do not want to be alone don’t want to worry and do not want to be abandon Step Respect (Esteem) When the three levels of nes are fully fulfill, the fourth level is to gain the respect of the people around you.

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To feel self-worth not feeling weak Israel Mobile Database or inferior, for example, participating in prominent activities good graduation Being part of a sports team Finding hobbies So that people around you can see how much skill or ability they have. Step Perfection (Self-actualization) The culmination of that desire is the perfection in life or the desire to be everything you want to be as a human being can be. Maslow believes that humans can develop their abilities and use them to their fullest. to reach the most perfection In order to reach this stage, human beings must first receive the best possible response from all four stages.

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The origins before the era

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Nes is a WS Phone List concept that has been appli to marketing a product or service. doing business in various ways widely Including adapting to different cultures. concept that can be us in modern times. Traditional marketing in the modern age known as the digital era may not be as effective as creating a good experience for consumers.  you spend on marketing, if it doesn’t create a customer experience at all. something wrong. because what defines The survival of business today is the consumer, not just an organization, product or service anymore.

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