Employees May most do not have the resources a. At hand to fully cover the expenses, which leads to the search for loans, consortiums or financing. Wh the Selic rate at 13.75%, interest on loans and financing becomes less attractive. Given this scenario, the question arises: is worth making a consortium.As is an interest-free. A financial product wh fair administration fees, can be. A a good option for anyone who wants to purchase a good or service in a planne and installment plan.

Respecting the Pre-establishe Scheule

What is consortium and how does work.This is a purchase modaly base on the union of individuals or legal enties wh the objective of forming savings, through the payment of periodic installments, for the acquision of real estate, goods or services. Thus, investing a ltle per month, is possible to conquer the dream. The  Employees. A May adhesion of a Russia Mobile Database person to a consortium group occurs through the signing of a participation contract. This document contains information such as the purpose, amount, number of shares, payment frequency. A fees, among others. is important to highlight that consortium administrators.

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Attendance Must Be Fulfille Normally

Who manage these groups, nee authorization from the Central Bank to operate. They charge an administration fee for providing the service, which varies according to each company, consortium modaly and term of the plan. How WS Phone List does contemplation happen.To elect the person who will receive the letter of cre (billing order issue by the administrator, wh which the consortium member will purchase the product or service), raffles. A are held, according to the frequency define in the contract. According to the resource available in the box.


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