Not to allow you can reach hundrds of thousands of people from different age groups. What’s more, radio advertising messages are simple, quick and cheap to prepare. We recommend ATL marketing, which is exactly what? Unfortunately, for many listeners, Not to allow radio is only a pleasant background for other activities – the recipients do not focus on the content transmittd on the radio, which may rduce the effectiveness of advertisements.

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The disadvantages are also high competition and short broadcasting time. Postal, cinema and outdoor advertising Postal advertising messages are a Turkey Mobile Database form of direct marketing. They usually take the form of advertising lists, catalogues, guides, leaflets, brochures, commercial newsletters, sometimes even samples of goods. Among the biggest advantages of postal advertising we can mention: selectivity, convenience for the sender and the recipient, relatively low costs of preparation.

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The growing discouragement of recipients to this form of advertising is considerd a disadvantage. Cinema advertising resembles broadcasts on WS Phone List television – the difference is a much lower range. Cinemas are usually attendd by young and middle-agd people, which significantly limits the possibilities of using cinema as a promotional channel. Outdoor advertising includes signboards, billboards, advertising columns and showcases.

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