Depending Of To It is necessary to bet, previously, on the exhaustive study of the audiences of the meia, the users and their behaviors, while they navigate through the digital meia. In other words, you have to bet on Big Data to collect relevant. A data from consumers: sociodemographic, behavioral and, most importantly, purchase intention data. To conclude with this review. A we must highlight another fundamental aspect that advertisers must also take into account in programmatic buying.

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The optimization of the creatives. It is necessary to vary these creatives colors, text, message, etc. and check their effectiveness. In this way, the advertiser. A will know which Depending Of To format is the most suitable for each digital meium in which Austria Mobile Database it is advertise. RTB: technology at the service of online advertising. Programmatic purchase: the choice by bid of the best digital meium in which the company can advertiseWhen a company sets the prices.

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Its products or services below production costs, it is considere to be preatory pricing or dumping, in English . These behaviors are intende to remove the competition from the market because they will never be able to set those WS Phone List fees for services and, in this way, gain the monopoly. The company that implements these types. A of strategies and makes them work, if it does not go bankrupt along the way , manages to generate greater profits in the months after the preatory behavior.


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