In fact, an audit report from the Court of Accounts, from January 2015, attribute the slight collapse experience in its proceures to the lack of resources. So that a certain paralysis is evident, which causes the indignation or resignation of the citizens. What is the FOGASA FOGASA was create by the already repeale Law 19 1976, on Labor Relations. Its regulatory development depends on Royal Decree 505 1985, of March 6 , on the operation and organization of this body.

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As regards its nature, it resembles that of a Social Security institution, despite the fact that it is not a managing entity. Their benefits, on the other hand, are not integrate into the Social Security system either. Strictly speaking Saudi-Arabia Mobile Database it constitutes a body that is attache to the Ministry of Employment and Social Security . It has legal personality and capacity to act.

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As an institutional entity of the State Administration, to fulfill the functions entruste to it. This entity is subject to Law 6 1997, of April 14, on the WS Phone List Organization and Operation of the General State Administration ; Law 30 1992, of November 26,These limits, for their part, are basically relate to requirements and deadlines.


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