In contrast to the limite incidence of the SMI in its function of guaranteeing the minimum salary, the indirect effects of the SMI were very large. Thus, firstly, the SMI had been use as an income level indicator that allowe access to certain benefits or the application of certain measures. For example, in eucational regulations , for the receipt of scholarships and the payment of fees; in the proceural field , for access to the benefits of free justice or the determination of reimbursable advances.

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In housing regulations , for access to subsidize housing and rental review, or in tax regulations , for determining the minimum Argentina Mobile Database tax exemptions, income from children with the right to deuction, fees, transfer tax or certain local taxes, among others. In order to guarantee the function of the interprofessional minimum wage as a minimum wage guarantee for employe workers.

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The SMI disassociate itself from the effects or purposes other than wages and for this, in 2004 a new reference was create, which WS Phone List is the public indicator of income of multiple effects IPREM In compliance with the mandate to the Government to set the minimum interprofessional wage annually, containe in article 27.1 of the Workers’ Statute Law.


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