Challenges in the digital age We live in an era that can be call % digital where everything is done through a platform that is convenient and fast, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, computer, has become a digital experience (Digital Experience). The challenge is there. Which is the main consumer? Which Generation are they in? What is their behavior like? What type of mia are you open to? through any channel, at any time, content, and how they like.

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We live in an era where consumer behavior is changing Estonia Mobile Database rapidly. And there is a complexity that cannot be divid superficially. But it is necessary to know the in-depth details of daily living behavior. There are many different platforms and mia in the world. Each consumer does not use just one mobile phone. Some people receive mia from multiple channels. multiple screens at the same time The challenge lies with marketers in creating the right experience, UXUI design, marketing materials design must create a good experience.

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Ad in the same direction Online WS Phone List Digital Experience and Offline Experience have similarities and differences. Marketing for a good experience It is necessary to integrate online and offline mia seamlessly or call Omni Channel. Let me give you an example of a retail business when we enter the Digital Automation era where everything is fast. There are both online and offline retailers that each have different touchpoints and create different experiences, such as latency if at the store. There was an immiate response from employees to the quick purchase. But if it’s online It may take time within hours. Improve by bringing Chat bot to help or increase a team to support sales.

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