Innovation and the future Another frequently discuss topic in the IT industry is artificial intelligence. It will also be present during Drupal Dev Days. The Generative AI and Drupal presentation by Iztok Smolic will give us an insight into how artificial intelligence can help us create and publish content, code and implement semantic search.

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Preston So will discuss the impact of AI on the Drupal community and ecosystem, especially the potential damage it can cause. Human Taiwan Mobile Database machines and machine humans will cover topics such as AI bias, avatars and anthropomorphism. Clients and industry experience The end of life of Drupal 7 and the ne to migrate such systems to more modern versions of this CMS is a topic widely discuss in the community.

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Pritam Prasun will present a case study of progressive migration from Drupal 7, including progressive decoupling. The speaker WS Phone List will present the challenges relat to this operation and the microservices architecture us in the final software. Looking for more examples of implementing this open source CMS? During the presentation How to Successfully Maintain a Drupal Enterprise Project Featuring , Oleksandr Milkovskyi will tell us how to keep a complex Drupal platform stable and up to date.

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