Also known as Social Mia Listening, mentions, feelings, and word-of-mouth, both in good and bad ways. This is to bring bad comments to improve and fix. And continue to develop good things. Social Mia Listening has many tools that can be us such as Sprout Social HubSpot Rdit Keyword Monitor Pro Streamview for Instagram Hootsuite Syndicator Pro Reputology Hootsuite Insights Brandwatch ReviewInc Synthesio Talkwalker Google Alerts Insights Another method is to do focus group interviews and surveys.

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The group interview method Colombia Mobile Database is consider a popular method. And how to get insights into quality data. The focus group interview should be done in a way that compares two different groups in different environments. And each group should not exce people. The survey can be done with a questionnaire, which is not suitable for in-depth questions. It’s probably just a brand awareness question for the most part. In addition, customer feback is also us to explore brand health as another method. Personaliz Marketing is the concept of one-to-one marketing that chooses to communicate with specific customers. with content presentation or information that meets the nes of the target group.

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The personaliz marketing concept

This is a modern concept of marketing WS Phone List that originat in an era when marketing that was produc and communicat with many customers, or one-to-many, or mass marketing, or one-size fits all, didn’t work as well as it should have. it is quite outdat. is truly focus on the nes of the customer group. By understanding the information of customer groups, including age, gender, ucation, spending habits in daily life, preferences, expectations, or we must understand Persona.of deep customer groups And communicate or send information.

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