Read more about user experience → O2O Channels Before thinking about adopting new sales channels or. Even digital marketing strategies, you need to have a well-defined audience ( buyer persona ). This way you will know, through analyzed data, which social network, website or application she is most on. This way, you will know how to use this channel to reach the public, either through paid ads or organic.  Everything will depend on your strategy and your investment budget, the most important.Thing here is to be assertive and focus on actions based on consumer behavior . Generating an impact in the place and time that they are most willing to receive this type of communication.

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Social networks A digital marketing action will hardly exclude ads and posts on social media, these channels tend. To be very effective due to the ease that consumers have to view and evaluate brands and products. Focus on your audience’s idle time and use the Malta Business Email List different formats and tools of social media to generate engagement with your brand. Remember to always keep your information up to date, such as: Location, opening hours, products and services. This will help the consumer to find you without any complications. 2. Websites Having an organized website, with relevant information and easy to navigate is a must for any brand. But in addition, it is necessary to think about the consumer’s journey, that is, to think about all the steps taken by him when deciding to buy online.

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For this, partner sites and local search engines like Google can be important allies in your O2O strategy. After all, many consumers research before buying and these portals are the main research environments. Make sure your company and WS Phone List product can be easily found on the internet. 3. Apps Large companies often invest in native applications to add to their marketing and growth strategies. However, not all companies have the funds and budget for this. Retailers and small and medium-sized businesses often invest in solutions that already exist in the market. Here, it is essential that you offer convenience to your consumer, allowing them to buy,

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