The result is waste of time and lack of meaningful learning. Thus, when we deal with a topic that requires prior knowlge, which the student must have already acquir in a previous cycle or in a previous course, we verify that he knows very little or does not know anything about the topic. It is then that we must delay the thematic development or the programm activity to fill those gaps that are essential prerequisites for the student to understand the new information. Fac with this problem, “Active note-taking,” as Cassany calls it, allows us not only to captivate and capture the attention of students, but also to keep them active in class, appropriating the knowlge that leads to true learning.

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 This strategy consists of interrupting the learning session (some call it “interrupt lecture”), after a certain amount of time of explanation by the teacher or after reading some material, to ask the student some questions about what they have heard. For example, they can be ask to carry out activities in their notebooks such as: “write down five b2b email list important ideas from the topic discuss,” “develop one of them in 30 words,” “add three examples to the topic,” “relate one of the important points cover in this session with a different topic or with another subject”, “add a personal opinion about some of the ideas present”, “write two questions about the topic”, “write two sentences about the topic that begin with the words : I don’t agree with.

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The customer is very important, the customer will be followed by the customer. Or i like the idea that…”, among others. Two to three of these tasks can be propos, depending on the nature of the WS Phone List topic and the time available. Next, the teacher, after the minutes establish for the student to answer, can ask the student to share what she wrote so that her classmates can give their opinion and complement the answers. Likewise, the teacher can verify how much the students are learning and provide feback on the aspects in which they have gotten it right and those that have remain unclear or imprecise.

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