Placing additional call-to-action buttons in visible places on the site and thoughtful internal linking will make it easier for them to travel to the most important content. 4. Adapt your intranet to mobile devices One of the best practices for intranet navigation is to design a separate version for mobile devices or choose a responsive portal . This will make it easier to use the intranet anywhere and anytime, which is very important, especially in the era of remote work.

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It is worth considering limiting the options in the main menu in the mobile version of the portal. It does not have to be an exact copy Ecuador Mobile Database of the intranet available in the browser on the computer. The mobile version of the intranet must be aesthetic, interesting and well-design so that users are willing to use it on a smartphone . When creating a system, you should focus on the details and adapt specific elements such as forms or interactive parts (surveys, quizzes, mini-games, etc.

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The screens of mobile devices. Graphics should automatically scale to the appropriate size, and buttons must be large enough so that WS Phone List the user has no problem pressing them. 5. Implement tools for communication and exchange of views The intranet gathers all the company’s employees in one place on the network. It is worth taking advantage of this and giving them the opportunity to communicate via it, instead of investing in additional, external tools.

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