The indication of a maximum number of units for sale or restricting it to, for example, 10 bottles per customer, will give a sensation of a scarce product and of being a limite opportunity. Retailers often introduce these conditions to try to prevent their products from being resold, but the effect, in practice, is that consumers will tend to take the maximum allowe.

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Similarly, it is commonly use by brands and dealers to promote certain units. The same logic works in some online sales portals, large Cameroon Mobile Database and small, where the available units of their articles usually do not excee two or three. Size Matters. And the smaller the better. An experiment conducte by Clark University and the University of Connecticut showe that consumers associate better value with prices written in small print.

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Apparently, they say, our minds associate physical letter size with numerical size. Curiously, the Chinese corner bazaars seem to know very well that big numbers don’t work. However, it is a common mistake in many establishments that try to draw WS Phone List the attention of consumers to their offers. 4 by 4. Another stratagem that usually works is to offer us a number of units at the price of their sum. It seems almost increible, but in studies carrie out, the vast majority of consumers.


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