Come on, let’s get to work… No! No no no. Before doing, think . For me, if I’m honest, the key to my success was that I spent a lot of thinking and planning before I started doing it. Planning in Todoist Arguably, the operational part of the migration can be carried out in a few hours . However, without good planning, things can be left in the pipeline that later cause errors and “oh my.” That’s why I decided to dedicate time and energy to this phase, creating a project as such in Todoist and then investigating each task and collecting useful information in the comments .

Domain Migration Process Overview: Coexistence

Although I will now detail the rest of the steps a little more, I want you to understand well, with a general industry email list vision, how to approach migration so that it is “as less traumatic as possible.” In my case, broadly speaking, I carried it out in the following phases: New domain registration and redirection to old one for a while . I registered from the moment I made the decision that it would be my domain. However, from the time I registered it until I made the migration, almost 2 years passed. Yeah! How strong. But come on, Google did not see the move as “desperate.

Move website to new domain

Come on, let’s move our website. As I already told you, I did not move or modify my blog but decided to create a copy so that both worked correctly and, above all, that the “previous” domain worked well so that if I detected any serious errors, I could always go back WS Phone List at the beginning as soon as possible. Do you follow me? Therefore, at the time of the migration, the first thing I did was activate a new hosting space as if it were a website and make sure that both were accessible . Now you will see that, to prevent Google from considering that there is duplicate content, we will use redirects.

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