With comparable performance. model in practice. As part of the workshop. we’ll plan your next client acquisition step-by-step. using real-world examples of success as a guide for your personal new client acquisition. For example. you can use models to reflect the types of customers you deal with on a daily basis. A better understanding of your target group enables you to deal with customers and their characteristics in a target manner. Customer Acquisition.

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Attack! Customer talk. with your chosen target Georgia Mobile Database customers should also be structur. The stages to go through are usually. planning. opening. responding to concerns. making a commitment to purchase. and customer service (if the transaction is positive. For each stage. you will receive valuable tips in our acquisition workshops. which you can apply directly into practice. Our studio has always been characteriz by its practical way of working. This is ensur through checklists. recommendations for action and the active participation of participants. Your expert in new client acquisition is our Managing.

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Director Prof. Ph.D. Michael Bernecke’s technical WS Phone List and as his rhetorical skills are your guarantee for intensive and engaging acquisition seminars. In addition to the two events held in Cologne in . the one-day takeover seminar is also offer as an individually adjustable in-house seminar. Year All Dates Are you interest in Acquisition Seminars Leveraging the System to Successfully Acquire New Clients. You can find the dates for the year here. Seminar Dates for the Year This entry was publish in General. Seminars. Sales due to the year month day. Keywords. Acquisition. new client acquisition. seminar Successful new client acquisition. Similar Articles Customer Acquisition Use These Tips to Win New Clients Customer.

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