It consists of using a set of cameras around a person or animal that will record all its angles. The collectd data is then processd to create a 3D asset that will later be an exact digital replica. This accuracy has made volumetric production one of the most Private lives real human and authentic technologies in the virtual digital environment. For this reason one of the keys to the metaverse is volumetric production and subsequently the creation of an avatar that is as real and human as possible.

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Although there is the possibility of living the experience without volumetric capture with virtual reality for the metaverse to reach its true potential real human beings must be introducd into it. For this there is currently only one way out volumetric India Mobile Database production. Next we will tell you step by step how to create your avatar inReady Player Me Choose the appearance of your avatar’s body. For a better result take a selfie or choose a photo of yourself. Select an avatar you like.

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You can customize it later! It’s time to customize your avatar physical appearance clothing accessories All ready to live the experience! Telefonica WS Phone List Metaverse Day Today most of us navigate a sea of ​​news terminology and technology that is inevitably unfamiliar to us. And it is that despite the fact that we live in the most digitizd moment in history the door is opening to a new era of which we still do not have much information.

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