Noindex or removal of content without Product Industry traffic Collections with duplicate products, or with a high percentage of similarity, is another common problem in ecommerce that has not worked on SEO. In this case, duplicate collections and blog content that had no traffic were removed. In those where this action could not be carried out, mainly due to promotions or brand content, noindex was applied to them. There are two ways, using the metafields discussed in the previous point, or by adding the following code.

Google would not Product Industry crawl those types of pages

Collection Filter Obfuscation In certain Shopify category email list templates, collection filters generate new URLs for each color, size, product type… This is a problem because dozens of URLs were generated with thin content that were indexable and that could cannibalize with the main collection, in some cases. Therefore, the filters were obfuscated so that Google would not crawl those types of pages. 11. Modification of robots.txt Recently, Shopify now allows you to modify the robots.txt . In this case it was not used, but it would have been useful to block the tracking of web filters and directories without interest in positioning, applying few resources and quickly.

Making redirects to existing products

Redirects From the Shopify dashboard, it is also possible WS Phone List to. Do 301 redirects. They were used to redirect duplicate and old. Collections that were no longer in use, to the main ones. URLs of products that no longer existed and that had. External links were also detected, making redirects to existing products. A very useful resource that Shopify offers adequately. From its panel, even giving the option to import them. 13. Link building Don’t be fooled, if a sector is competitive, positioning without links is practically impossible.

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