Important social networks before and after jungle camp. infographic clearly shows. Angelina Haig has gain the most followers since the show began. despite her voluntary departure from the show in the first few days. But she cleverly us her days off to keep fans updat on social mia. (Jungle finalist didn’t allow herself that luxury. but thanks to regular posting (by management.!. she earn a solid second place (followers. The percentage of follower growth was also measur since the number of followers varies widely.

Jungle Camp Follower Analysis As the

When dear celebs enter a camp. And lo and Guatemala Mobile Database behold. unbelievably. Candidates for the feral presidency went from followers (before moving to camp to followers in two weeks. Clear evidence that Walter Freiwald was interest in the audience. I hope there will be one or two employers among the fans. What about Marengirzer. Has the reigning queen of the jungle and public darling gain a following beyond her appeal. Absolutely! The former Alphabet Fairy (with a spelling flaw has grown in fan base and is now more than famous as she begins her royal tenure. You can see how other concentration camp prisoners far in our infographic.

The number of followers of has grown

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