An example would be the large Austrian news site Kurier and its problems with scalability, legacy code and documentation. Availability The case studies that we will be able to get to know during Drupal Developer Days Vienna also take into account accessibility in web development. Tobias Tschopp will present the challenges that Theater Basel fac on the way to certification of digital accessibility.

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The session will cover itorial and technical topics, as well as strategies and tools useful in such a process in Drupal. To learn even more Kazakhstan Mobile Database about accessibility, take a look at the Captchas and other gotchas session: Make sure your secure website is accessible . AmyJune Hineline will show solutions that can be us for this purpose, while being open and secure, and will allow all users of our website to interact with digital resources.

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Droptica na Drupal Developer Days As already mention, we cannot miss such a great opportunity to meet other members of the Drupal WS Phone List community. That’s why our team of five will be present in Vienna from July 19 to 2 Our CEO, Business Development Manager, Content Marketing Specialist and Technical Director will be happy to talk to all participants of Drupal Dev Days at the Droptica booth.

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