The Role of Written Content and Keywords in SEO If you know anything about SEO. You probably know that it involves witing content with specific terms. Called “keywords” and strategically placing this content online. When these keywords populate your website content at appropriate levels, the bots and algorithms. Us by Google and other search engines will identify your website as a good result. For any user who enters those or similar keywords into an online query box. This makes it far more likely that your company will place prominently in online searches relat to its location. The industry in which it operates and the specific goods and services that it offers.

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Unlock the Power of Video SEO for Higher Online Visibility and Traffic Video SEO. Proves that written content isn’t the only important factor in the SEO process. In short, a good SEO marketer can employ online video posts in much the same way. As keywords with the ultimate goal of topping Google search results and driving more internet traffic to Mexico Business Email List your company website. For its SEO effects and other marketing advantages, video has become a common component of most successful digital marketing campaigns. The leading SEO agency Lucid Advertising confirms the effectiveness of quality video.

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Content and strategic video placement on your website, on your social media pages and across all beneficial online platforms. Benefits of Video SEO Because roughly 85 percent of consumers report watching an online video before making a buying decision WS Phone List the exponential growth of digital video marketing should come as no surprise. In fact, more video content will be upload to the internet in 30 days than has been cultivat by the television industry over the past three decades. While its SEO benefit is one of video’s major value propositions, many business owners fail to understand exactly how it fits into the SEO puzzle as a whole.

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