The first two versions (alpha and beta) may contain bugs and use of such applications may be a nuisance. However, these are not versions intend for public use, but for testers. Each reliable programming agency has appropriate procures that allow you to catch and correct errors from the first versions. Therefore, if we receive a final product that contains errors, it means that the testing team either slack off, or the company does not exist at all.

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Applications are releas without being check. Unfortunately, the above two symptoms may or may not occur at first. So if we get an Iran Mobile Database application that is poorly written but works fast and stable, what’s the problem? We’re in a hurry to explain. Bad code can ruin your budget The fact that problems with the spe and stability of the application have not occurr since the beginning of its use does not mean that they will not appear in the future.

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Problems that were not detect right away will make themselves known. However, when we do not know about them yet, as software WS Phone List owners, we incur a kind of technological debt (a situation in which seemingly easier and simpler solutions turn out to be less profitable in the long run). We postpone problems for later. Unfortunately, over time, they will grow and their repair will become more onerous. Let’s look at a scenario that happens very often.

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