Sell ​​more with Go find’s smart solutions! What are the advantages of working on Local SEO Below are the main benefits that Local SEO can provide for your company: 1. Visibility The main benefit of any SEO strategy is increased visibility in the region, regardless of the user’s search type. In the case of local searches, optimization helps to position the company among competitors in its region, which increases the visibility of the business locally. 2. Authority For the consumer who sees the results of a search on Google, the links that appear in the first positions seem to have more credibility. After all, to appear at the top of the ranking, those businesses won the trust of the public and the search engine.

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New audiences Local searches are also a way to discover new businesses in cities. People who may never have heard of your business may find it in a search for that type of business in the neighbourhood they’re visiting. Therefore, local SEO makes you Canada Business Email List appear to potential new customers, without having to invest in media . 4. Increased page traffic As local search results show the best ranked businesses, these businesses also tend to attract more visitors to the company’s web page, be it a website, social media profile or e-commerce . Factors influencing local search Now that we understand how Local SEO works and what it is for, let’s delve into the criteria that Google uses to rank businesses.

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These criteria directly influence the local search process and are decisive factors for a company to appear in a good position on the search pages. • Proximity It concerns the distance of the business in relation to the user’s location. That is, the objective of local search is to show the results of products, services and establishments close to the WS Phone List interested consumer. •Highlight It concerns the popularity of the brand in the region in which it operates. For this assessment, Google takes into account both online and offline popularity. Here, the reputation of the brand is a decisive factor in ranking, measured by criteria such as links and mentions to the brand, being a reference in the market will help to gain good positions.

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