Reflecting on identity What he describ to see themselves as unattractive to the point of lacking confidence. But in fact, you’re more beautiful than you think. “You’re more beautiful than your think” After the release of this campaign, just days, it has reach million views and continues to do so. You see, creating Brand C stories that connect with consumers that create emotional impact. and connect to create a close relationship And feel good about the brand that is more than traditional marketing that only has regular advertising. FCB Involvement Grid or a table that helps identify the involvement or involvement of consumers in making a purchase decision.

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It helps us understand what Sri-Lanka Mobile Database products are on the minds of consumers. by evaluating whether the purchase requires Reflecting on identity an emotional or rational decision With such information, we can use to define advertising concepts. Develop by Richard Vaughn, Senior Vice President of Foote, Cone and Belding Advertising, the FCB Involvement Grid showcases how consumers approach different product buying processes. driven by product type. FCB Involvement Grid consists of Axis (Axis) and Corners (Quadrant) together. Quadrant (Learn-Feel-Do) Decision making involves highly rational thinking.

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Buying a product requires WS Phone List research. that affect consumer perception and decision making The products in this group are quite expensive and are mostly important, such as cars, houses, cameras, DSLRs, mobile phones, insurance, computers. The strategy should focus on providing information that builds cribility. Emphasize product features Quadrant (Feel-Learn-Do) Decision-making involves the use of emotion. Buying products is bas on feelings such as pride, personal preferences. or the fulfillment of happiness, such as perfumes, jewelry, luxury brand cars, fashion products, and various high-end products.

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