FOGASA is finance exclusively by the fees paid by employers , that is, 0.2 of the contribution base of each employee. Unfortunately, this function is not always fulfille, since it is possible that the employers who pay their taxes and offer quality work end up paying. A the debts of the employers who charge in B and force simulate. A insolvencies. The previously reporte suspicions of fraud are adde to the widespread criticism of the lack of means to adequately face . Athe fulfillment of the functions.

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Assume by organizations such as FOGASA. Indee, the actual operation is far from resembling what the legal system delimits. In the first place, it must be Senegal Mobile Database taken into account that the employee can resort to FOGASA only when a court and not the. A company itself confirms that the employer cannot pay the debts to the worker.

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Employees May Request Modifications

In addition, it must be remembere that FOGASA does not necessarily have to pay the entire debt, since it considers stipulate limits in days and WS Phone List amounts. These limits were cut, in July 2012, by the PP government. Likewise. A from the date of January 1, 2014, FOGASA no longer pays 40 of the compensation for objective dismissal . It should also be note that economic recovery, a concept about whose scope or precariousness there is also political.


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