An expert discussion panel devot to the ethical aspects of technology ( Ethics & Technology ) will also be held on the Inspire stage . The aim of the session will be to provide guidance on how to approach the implementation of technology in an ethical, responsible and conscious way. Other presentation topics in our circle of interest Although AI seems to be the hottest topic at the moment, there are also many other interesting points on the agenda of the conference.

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Here are some examples Jamaica Mobile Database that caught our attention. Quality Assurance Modern Tech Trends on the. DevTrends stage – developer Jakub Gajda (from Nordea) will present new trends and solutions in testing ( Playwright framework, Kubernetes). Harnessing the Power of Open Source for Cloud Native Development: Strategies for Success on the Dev Cloud&DevOps stage – Dr Mo Haghighi.

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Director of Engineering at Cloud Platform) will present. Insights on the use of open source tools to manage. And deploy cloud-native WS Phone List applications. Hypergrowth scaling made simple on the Dev Architecture stage. Wojtek Ptak (Engineering Executive and. Head of Product Engineering at Revolut) will present how to design a global. System for a bank using simple architecture and patterns. It will show, among others how to deal with hypergrowth scaling and legacy systems.

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