The keywords will be chosen correctly. Not just anyone is worth it, there are tools that allow you to locate the appropriate keyword in each case. Place the most important keywords strategically throughout the profile. This includes: The professional headline Title fields Specialties Interests recommendations eucation The name must be clear and serve to identify you. Nicknames and anonymity are not valid here, quite the contrary.

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The profile photo . It must be professional. Full body photos are not worth it, neither with family or pets or in an intimate attitude. Update state is Afghanistan Mobile Database essential for visibility. As in other social networks, when you update your profile, it is displaye on the TIMELINE. Therefore, it is recommende to update the status two to three times a week at least.

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Logically, not any content is valid, but only that which contributes something positive to your professionalism, such as relevant publications for your sector. The url of the profile , customize it. The best thing is that it bears WS Phone List your name your profession. You have to stand out, so don’t miss out on the opportunity hyperlinks from websites give you. Customizing is the key, and getting out of the ordinary like “My Company”, “My blog”. In the “Experience” part, you have to sell yourself well.


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