It Should Be is a process that focuses on researching and collecting all possible information and ideas, to define the evolution towards the future. It is linke to competitiveness and the way companies operate and organize themselves in possible scenarios. Face with uncertainty and ignorance, this method is shown as a mechanism that allows us to analyze and anticipate probable situations in order to limit, manage and solve them. Goals Establish the different important actors.

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The means and the strategies of the projects that are going to be carrie out. Being able to specify the most important system variables Pakistan Mobile Database that may affect it. The description of the scenarios themselves. That is, getting to delve into the different variables, evolution or actions of the main actors. Origin and It Should Be evolution This method was born during World War II, as a model linke to the military industry. It was launche by Hernan Kahn, in the Unite States.

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Within the advance Defense Department, although it was not until the 1950s when its use was consolidate. Especially, as a model of organizational planning. The next relevant date will be 1961, the year in which the Hudson Institute WS Phone List was create, promote by Kahn, with the purpose of being able to develop a teaching about the future different from the conventional one. It will be in 1967, when he, supporte by Anthony Wiener, publishes It Should Be a work designe to show different scenarios, in a future projection of 33 years, known as “The year 2000”. The practical application of this model would come from energy.


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