That Must Be attention to the messages that are launche on social networks and the comments that users leave about the brand on the Internet and social networks . However, if the crisis has already broken out and criticism from users has begun, these are the steps to follow. The keys: good planning , rapid reaction and constant communication with the public during crisis management. The Action Plan : All businesses are susceptible to a reputational crisis.

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So be prepare. You have to have a plan of action for when a crisis arrives. It must be clear what actions will be carrie out, form Mexico Mobile Database a team, determine who will be the most responsible and how the communication with That Must Be the public will be. Monitoring and identification of the crisis: the comments of users on the Internet and social networks must be monitore. They can be ignore when it is a single person a troll, for example who is complaining out loud.

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When the complaint has le to a conversation, you have to pay attention to what is being said. Identify the source of the problem and decide if it is a serious matter. Damage analysis and decision making: is there a considerable number of users WS Phone List complaining about the same issue How can that affect the reputation of the company You have to measure the possible effects of those comments. If they can lead the company to undermine its online reputation, it’s time to act.


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