A high percentage of indirect costs or with a wide range of products or services; with the danger that some of these cost objectives will subsidize others of the same company. This method of calculating the indirect costs of products or services is expensive when it comes to being implemente and when it comes to maintaining it. I do not want to go into further explanations of the cost system either perhaps the subject of another article.

Regardless of the Situation the Company

I want to comment on in this one is what are the steps to successfully implement a new analytical accounting system Panama Mobile Database in a company. I believe that many of them are even applicable to the implementation of a new financial accounting system or, if applicable, a new information system or for any project to be carrie out in the company. The first thing I would ask myself is if this cost system is necessary for the company.

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It is Important to Know and Respect

On occasions, companies with few or very similar products are convince to implement this ABC system when the final cost they are going to obtain is almost identical to the one they obtaine with their previous cost system. As I mentione, this cost WS Phone List system is very expensive. Can the company afford it In addition, it is necessary to have an information system or a specific ERP to be able to support the operation of these cost systems. EXPRESS and WRITTEN support from the top management of the company is neee.


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