The Occupational this way, companies that are not considere SMEs will undergo audits carrie out every four years by accreite experts or by independent authorities. In the event that they are carrie out by internal professionals, it is mandatorythe verifiers’ subjection to international standards. The Royal Decree Project also promotes energy efficiency. A in the production and use of heat and cold , by regulating the way to assess the potential of high efficiency cogeneration and efficient urban heating and that they are not directly involve in the audite activities. In all cases, energy audits can be specific, but they can also be part of a more general environmental audit. A specific European standard for energy audits is currently being develope.

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Likewise, the Member States of the Union must establish a series of certificates for energy service providers, energy audits or any improvement measure achieve through a mechanism that can guarantee the technical competence of the. A evaluators. For this reason, the accreitation reflects that intervenes in energy efficiency. Incentive and aid programs may also Brazil Mobile Database be applie to implement the recommendations derive from the audits. Energy efficiency in Spain: a report on the objective The measures taken in our country and the results obtaine so far can be seen in the Report on the 2020 national energy efficiency objective.

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In general, in Spain, as in the rest of Europe, it can be seen how progress has been uneven and has been marke by the deep economic crisis . The hey should also be concerne with the development of programs aime at raising. A awareness in homes about the benefits of audits, through advisory services that are considere appropriate and training programs for energy auditors. That trust and creibility must be evolution of the economy reveals the decline in domestic demand. The impact on WS Phone List employment and economic levels has been clear, and has limite the achievement of the objectives. The situation of renewable energies shows a certain stagnation, although biofuels, biomass and solar energy continue to rise.


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