Remember that the investment in technology update translates into the achievement of longterm goals that justify the initial expenditure, as the potential profit is greater than the cost of maintaining outdat software. As active members of the Drupal community, we cannot miss the upcoming opportunity to meet the developers and fans of this CMS in Vienna.

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Ad the opportunity will be great for this a few days of cocreating Drupal, listening to interesting presentations and participating Iran Mobile Database in Birds of a Feather sessions, where everyone can join and propose their ideas for discussion. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights of the rich Drupal Dev Days program. Meet Drupal fans and get involv in the development of open source software Drupal Developer Days Vienna 2023 will bring.

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Together Drupal professionals (developers, testers, project managers and business owners) and enthusiasts of open source WS Phone List solutions. It will be an opportunity not only to meet, but also to develop and improve this CMS together . Contribution Sprints will take place every day during the event and will give you the opportunity to fix Drupal bugs, test different solutions and design new improvements.

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