What are the differences between TypeScript and JavaScript? Despite many similarities, there are a number of key differences between TypeScript and JavaScript. They influence the way these two languages ​​are us in practice and can be decisive when choosing one for a particular project. TypeScript and JavaScript can be combin in projects, but it’s worth remembering the differences between them.

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Typing JavaScript is a dynamically typ language, which means that the types of variables can be chang during code execution. This gives Jiangsu Mobile Database developers a lot of flexibility, but also increases the risk of bugs. On the other hand, TypeScript introduces static typing, which improves type safety and allows you to detect typing errors even before.

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Easier detection of errors in the code

The code is run thanks to the tools built into the IDE (Integrat Development Environment. in the integrat development WS Phone List environment. This contributes to greater code reliability and readability, but it can also slow down the process of writing smaller applications. Classes and interfaces JavaScript ES5 does not natively support the classes and interfaces that are fundamental to objectorient programming. TypeScript provid support for these concepts.

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