Subscriber segmentation is the most effective email Should I design marketing strategy ( Hubspot ) . 33 % of  emails and 26% send emails several times a month ( Databox ). 77 % of marketers have seen an increase in email marketing engagement in the last 12 months ( Hubspot ). Most email views come from mobile devices (41%) , follow by desktop (39%) ( Hubspot ). More than 306 billion emails are sent and receiv every day . ( Statista ) 10 Amazing Email Marketing Statistics and How They Can Help You What are the types of Email Marketing There are many ways to use email as a communication and sales channel. Always leave an attractive message in it or, if it is an automat email chain or you are in a sales process, leave the subject of the next email open in it, like in soap operas when they present the next chapter at the end of the current one.

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There are companies and entrepreneurs that often use it in totally different ways, depending on the objectives being pursu. Hosting raiola networks Recommendations for doing email marketing Let’s go with some final recommendations… Email marketing is not about taking an email sending tool and shooting ; The main company data types of Email Marketing are: Newsletter or Newsletter: it is usually us to report on company news, maintain a relationship or generate traffic to the blog, for example. Prospecting email: emails that are sent with the aim of attracting new customers. Loyalty email: sent to increase sales from current customers. Promotional email: us to attract customers and retain existing ones to obtain more sales. Reactivation email:

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Should I design To reactivate users from the list that are not very active. There are some things that are good for you to know before you take the plunge and when you are already launch: Segment your users: it is important to know how users have reach your database: Transactional email: these are normally automatic  payment platforms, such WS Phone List as online stores, memberships, reservation and appointment managers, etc. (purchase confirmation, password reset message, shipping notifications…). Notification emails: automatic emails launch by an event, an action or lack thereof (welcome, birthday, abandon cart…). e-goi email marketing and automation Benefits of Email Marketing As I have been telling you.

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